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Our Story

Cooperative Community Development, Inc. (CCD) is a Baltimore-based nonprofit focused on creating an architecturally beautiful, healthy, diverse, cohesive community of choice built on mutual respect.  We believe it is our shared responsibility in the City of Baltimore to foster inclusivity and embrace diversity – from race, gender, and sexual orientation to economic, educational, and housing choice. 


At CCD, we strive to restore H.E.A.R.T. to the community by creating urban agricultural development opportunities using vacant, city-owned lots.

Homeownership and Affordable Housing 

Economic Independence  

Agricultural Access 

Retail Revitalization 

Tranquil Community Spaces 


With C.L.E.A.R. objectives, we are actively working to establish self-sustainable communities.

Community development

Leadership opportunity

Educational enhancement

Access to healthy foods and resources

Relationships fostered between and within communities  

The impact of CCD is spread across a diverse interest group which ranges from school-aged children to retirees and returning citizens. The CCD community model is one where residents contribute and also benefit from the collective efforts and input; a self- sustainable community whose activities contribute towards sustaining a healthy environment through crop and animal farming in a sustainable way that benefits the businesses, community, and environment.

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