Expansion Goals

Community Farming Pilot Programs

As an addition to local schools, the Farming Pilot Program will utilize vacant city-owned lots throughout our partner communities. These will serve as outdoor classrooms, training/education spaces, and services facilities to house other outdoor non-farming activities. Among these activities are mentoring, neighborhood watch, construction training, maintenance training, administrative training, and agricultural demonstration.

  • Support and enhance the goals, objectives, and priorities of the Neighborhood

  • Encourage youth community engagement 

  • Establish and support a culture of community service

  • Support programs which address issues and needs of urban youth

  • Involve youth in the design and implementation of their educational activities

  • Increase knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary for urban youth to live productive, contributing, and fulfilling lives

  • Increase economic opportunities and sustainability to improve quality of life in urban communities through enhanced human, social, civic, natural, financial, cultural, and built capital

Upon successful completion, these spaces will:

Cooperative Community Development Inc (Ext Concept) (4).png

The Cooperative is actively engaged in driving our "Community Co-op" initiative. This community economic development initiative is aimed to redevelop 3932-3934 Frederick Ave into the "Community Center for Change" a 5,000-square-foot former Moving/Shipping Company into an Innovation Hub for 21229 where small minority-owned businesses will be welcomed into a business incubator-style network. The space is envisioned to consist of a community-owned co-op grocery store, multimedia center, and retail vending stalls.

While the plan is conceptual; and negotiations are on-going, the Cooperative is working to finalize acquisition and preliminary renderings with Re-Gen Consulting Group and the Neighborhood Design Center to finalize the elements. Community support through volunteerism and donations can help bring this project to fruition. 

Community Center for Change